Baseball Swings

Baseball Swings And Misses By Not Disciplining Giambi

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The steroid era is coming to an end in Major League baseball, and as it winds down, baseball’s powers to be are showing again why the sport is the worst run of all major sports in America.

Jason Giambi has been being strong armed by Major League baseball for a while now, but thanks to him finally being cornered and giving up information to the leagues ongoing investigation into steroids, he will walk away with no disciplinary action.

So let’s get the facts straight, Giambi, an admitted steroid user, goes into a meeting with major league baseball and confesses what he did, and gets no punishment.

Meanwhile, Barry Bonds, who has never failed a steroid test, breaks one of the greatest records in sports history, and the commissioner does not even show up at the game.

Seems a bit backwards, but that is how baseball tends to run things, upside down.

Bud Selig has done some good things for the sport since becoming the commissioner. The wild card and inter league play all began on his watch. But somehow, for every good thing he does, there’s five ridiculous rulings or ideas.

The latest ruling would fall into one of those five. Giambi will not be punished by baseball because, get this, he is involved in charity work.

What? If they were not going to punish Giambi because he finally cooperated, that’s fine, but the best reason to tell the public was that Giambi does a lot of charity work.

The flood gates have now opened, players can go on using steroids and doing anything else illegal they feel like engaging in. Then, when they get caught, they can play the charity card.

The baseball powers to be sometimes seem as though they go into meetings and emerge with decisions based on shock value, rather than educated opinions. Shock value would be the only explanation for this Giambi ruling.

They had to know that nobody could have guessed that Giambi would not be suspended due to his involvement with charity work.

So once again, Bud Selig and his devoted staff, have skirted a potential problem by creating more questions than answers. Stay tuned for the next player to test positive for steroids, and appeals his suspension on the grounds of doing charity work.

Selig should have a field day ruling on that appeal, but then again, he will probably not be in attendance for that meeting, he will just send Frank Robinson to make that tough decision.

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