Antonella Barba Nude Photos Biggest Search Term, Bet What’s Next

Antonella Barba Antonella Barba was the most searched for term in the world for the ending week of February, up 47,000% from the previous week, and it is sparking a whole new realm of Internet betting.

Online sportsbooks, a quickly dying breed post UIGEA, have put odds on Angelina Jolie, Britney Spears, The Oscars, Political Events, and other things popular in American culture. The latest surge in searches for Antonella Barba may create a new thing for sportsbooks to put odds on – what will be the biggest search engine search terms for the next month?

The odds can be quite favorable in January of most years that the biggest search term will be ‘Superbowl’, or ‘NFL playoffs’, or such. In February favorable odds could be put on ‘Valentines Day’ or the ‘Oscars’. March could see the term ‘spring’ or ‘spring training’ or ‘spring break’. In April players could bet on the ‘Easter Bunny’ and in December perhaps people could bet on ‘Santa Claus’.

It would be interesting to see what some of the long shot odds would be. Would there even have been on odds on ‘Antonella Barba Nude Photos’? Or would there just be an ‘other’ category that would put out less challenging odds. Anyway it’s an interesting idea and you can bet that the sportsbooks will have odds out on search terms soon enough, even though top searches can be easily manipulated.

However, most of the bets that can placed on popular American cultural events you cannot make a fortune from, so manipulating search results may not be that important to bettors. The sportsbooks put caps on how much people are allowed to bet on cultural events. So you may be able to put a $50 bet on a long shot like Britney Spears sobering up in June, but you will not be able to bet more than that. The payout, though, could be lucrative, as currently the odds on the pop star sobering up in June are 55 to 1. So if you place the $50 bet you can win more than $2,500.

As the world turns, so will the world of online sports betting.

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