American Idol Betting Helping Online Sportsbooks Thrive

Jennifer Lopez will appear on American Idol this season!American Idol will see Jennifer Lopez singing on its April 11th show and it might bring her back into the pop culture limelight. The show launched the careers of several stars that are now household names, even if we wish we could forget a couple of them, like Clay Aiken or Justin Pernini, is it? They recently announced plans to launch a summer American Idol camp that will feature celebrity appearances that will help amateur singers grow into wannabe stars. And most importantly, the show has been exploited to the max by online sportsbooks.

The sportsbooks are seeing more action on American Idol in one week than they do on a year’s worth of a hockey season. On Tuesday the male contestants sing and all kinds of bets can be placed such as who will mess up the worst or who will get the biggest applause. Wednesday the same scenario’s are presented for the female contestants, and Thursday is the week’s grand finale of who will be voted off.

Meanwhile, bets can still be made on which past Idols will flop in the future, which will have the most record sales the next year, and even if Fantasia, who just announced tonight that she will star in the Broadway hit show The Color Purple, will succeed in her new role.

If you’re interested in betting on American Idol you can do it at Bodog, but understand that different sportsbooks offer different odds on different circumstances, so not all the bets included in this article can be found at any one sportsbook. However, the bets are out there and they are making online sportsbook betting thrive, all across the world.

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